Global Product Director


Ha Noi | Negotiable

Job Description

Planing and scaling production on all locations to ensure on time delivery and consistent image quality. This involves identifying and executing on evolving training needs to constantly meet customer demand
Continuously and proactively identifying waste and driving continuous improvements to enhance cost effectiveness and the service level.
Creating and overseeing standard working procedures and policies to ensure high consistent quality standard both in product delivery and working environment throughout the different production units.
Liaising among departments to achieve the company's long and short term goals.
Ensuring a culture that motivates staff to perform and to grow within the organization.
Effective and clear communication towards clients, teams and suppliers at all time.

Job Requirement

Technical Requirements:
Knowledge of and experience in applying problem solving and continuous improvement
tools like Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma, etc.
Ability to analyze data and ensure great reporting, and make data driven improvements.
Deep knowledge of production management: Minimum 7 years working experience at
comparative level and preferably experience working with visual content.
Knowledge of performance evaluation and budgeting concepts.
Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
Photoshop experience is a big advantage.
Language requirements
English: Full professional proficiency.
Vietnamese: Working proficiency is an advantage.
Performance Requirements:
Must be a strong team player, detail oriented, proactive, self-driven and result oriented.
Must have excellent communication skills, and perform well under pressure.
Must be curious and have a desire to constantly learn.
Ability to work autonomously in a fast paced environment.
Ability to motivate, challenge and hold people accountable and drive results.
Ability to consistently apply policies and procedures.
Ability to successfully lead cross-functional groups and teams.
Exhibit critical thinking/forward thinking

Hotline: (+84)24-7300-6912
Address: Tầng 4 Vimeco, Lô E9, Phạm Hùng, Mễ Trì, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

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