When you're over 50 and how to overcome it - Challenge hidden to be hired

Posted: Monday - 20/08/2018 04:12
how do you get a job when you are over 50-years-old.
Recently, we asked people on the LinkedIn Learning Facebook page the biggest challenge they were facing in their professional lives. And we got one challenge repeated over and over: how do you get a job when you are over 50-years-old?

“For my husband, (his biggest challenge) is being over 50 and unable to even get an interview,” one Facebook user wrote. Another – “blatant ageism.” A third – “being over 50 and out-of-work.”

This is hardly a trend unique to our Facebook page. There are dozens of articles online of workers 50-years-and-older saying how difficult it is to find a job, and the challenges that come with it.

So, what do you do if you are over 50 and looking for work? 
how to get a job over 50

How to get hired when you're over 50 – stay culturally relevant


While there are several changes older professionals face, a big one is cultural relevancy. In a tactical sense, that means the language used in offices around the country today is language many workers aged 50-and-above aren’t familiar with.
For example, do you know what skip meetings, cadence calls and huddles mean? If you don’t, you can appear out-of-touch in an interview or with colleagues. And that makes your experience and wisdom feel irrelevant, even when it’s anything but.

The solution – go to lunch with a younger professional and ask them about their work. And listen to the language they use to describe it – and use that in interviews around the office. That’ll ensure your message stays relevant.
Also, there’s something to remember here – as Ronald Reagan once so eloquently put, being over 50 is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Lean into it. Claim your wisdom. You’re older and you’re wiser – just make sure you're seen as relevant, too.

Author: Elizabeth and Lisa Earle McLeod

Source: learning.linkedin.com

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