When You Hate Networking How to Crush a Networking Event

Posted: Tuesday - 21/08/2018 02:35

1. Go to each networking event with a clear goal.

Here’s the key: when you go to a networking event, have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. Do you want to befriend tech workers to pick their ear about the latest technologies they are working on? Looking for marketers to recruit? Want to speak with business leaders you’d like to sell your solution to?
Even go beyond that: give yourself a number. As in, I want to talk with four marketers and gauge their interest in working for us. Or, I want to connect with three CTOs to gauge their response on our new tech product.

The best news? Once you hit your goal, you can leave the networking event, with no regrets.  

2. Get to the event early.

The larger the crowd, the more overwhelming it can be to introverts (and other people who don’t like networking). There’s a solution: go early, when the crowd is smaller.
Often, it’s actually easier to talk to a few people in a room, as opposed to a massive crowd. By the time the crowd fills out, you’ll be comfortable and have already made a few new contacts.

3. Get in line.

Similar to the last point, a long line – say for food or a drink – is one of the easiest spots to network. Because rather than having to go up to people on your own, you are already standing among strangers and it’s relatively easy to start a conversation. Obvious icebreakers include “what do you think of the event” or “what kind of work do you do?”.

4. Attend with an extrovert, if you can.

Extroverts generally flourish in networking events. They enjoy meeting new people and starting conversations gives them energy (whereas those activities drain the energy of an introvert).
Hence, if you can, go to a networking event with an extrovert. You can lean on them to strike up new conversations, where then you can add in your own thoughts. 

The takeaway

Just because you don’t like networking doesn’t mean you have to be bad at it. Networking is like any other skill: if you spend some time learning how to do it, you will sharpen that skill.
These tips should help. They should remove most of the dread many of us face when we have to go to a networking event, and instead make them far more productive.

Author: Paul Petrone

Source: learning.linkedin.com

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