This is why the online learning experience of Why.ProSphere has quadrupled in 4 months.

Posted: Monday - 03/09/2018 23:00
In March, ProSphere purchased LinkedIn Learning, to replace a tech-focused online learning solution it had before.

prosphere linkedin learning

The results? In just four months, ProSphere employees have spent four-times as much time watching online courses on LinkedIn Learning as they did the entire year before with the tech-only learning platform.
“It’s incredible,” ProSphere Director of Workforce Management Michael Quinn said. “The numbers speak for themselves.”

Why has there been such an increase? Because, according to ProSphere employees, LinkedIn Learning is easy-to-use – and drives real results.
“I am impressed with the LinkedIn Learning,” ProSphere Senior Program Manager Stephen Engel said. “The content was arranged in a logical fashion and I found the curriculum challenging. The skills that I refreshed and some new ones I learned for the first time gave me a great sense of accomplishment.”

And, LinkedIn Learning has even helped ProSphere grow a government contract, largely because it’s helped onboard employees faster.
“LinkedIn Learning was an absolute game-changer for me as a manager,” Operations Manager ESD Operations Derek Brown said. “Combining LinkedIn Learning with hands-on experience, we were able to quickly staff and train more than 100 employees for a critical enterprise service desk contract. The wide range of Windows, help desk and customer management courses enabled us to certify, grow and upskill our workforce better than any of our competitors.”
Perhaps most importantly, LinkedIn isn’t just driving financial results. It’s also helping ProSphere build the culture it aspires toward.

“We are trying to get to a point where we can say we train our employees so well they can leave, but we treat them so well they want to stay,” Quinn said. “That’s our goal. And LinkedIn Learning plays a major role in that.”

Author: Paul Petrone


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